QCoefficient continues to gain momentum-- collaborating with building engineers and energy service providers to improve efficiency at the building and grid levels.

QCoefficient Uses EnergyPlus to Reduce Willis Tower Energy Bills

June 23, 2016

The traditional, and still dominant, uses of energy modeling are all associated with building design. Architectural form and mass optimization. HVAC system selection and sizing. Code compliance. LEED or Green Globes certification. But energy modeling has exciting and impactful post-occupancy uses as well, and some of these, like model predictive control (MPC)—the use of models to explore operational alternatives in response to actual conditions and to optimize operations in real time—are quickly making their way from the whiteboard and into the marketplace.

One of the companies at the forefront of this emerging industry is QCoefficient, a Chicago, IL firm that specializes in implementing demand response services for large commercial buildings.

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Skyscrapers that Act Like Batteries? This Entrepreneur Says Yes.

April 02, 2013

Vince Cushing Jr. is an engineer by training and temperament. When he studied electrical engineering at the University of Notre Dame in the late 1960s, he took classes in Cushing Hall, a building named after his grandfather, civil engineer and wealthy alumnus John Cushing.

But professionally, for the past two decades, Mr. Cushing has been an entrepreneur. After 25 years of rising through the ranks at Potomac Electric Power Co. in Washington, he took advantage of an early-retirement buyout in 1995 to launch a company, the first of a half-dozen successful and not-so-successful startups. His latest might put another in the win column.

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