wym-1508442483219QCoefficient Carbon Leadership

QCo selected as a 2015 finalist by Ocean Exchange -- seeking innovative, proactive and globally scalable solutions that support sustainability and that can leap across industries, economies and cultures.  Watch presentation on YouTube here.
The Green Proving Ground Program leverages GSA's real estate portfolio to evaluate innovative sustainable building technologies. GSA deployed QCo at two prominent GSA buildings, in Washington DC and Houston, through 2016.
QCo sponsoring Climate Investing: Transition to a Low Carbon World on September 29-30, 2015. “Climate change is one of the most defining issues of our time. This conference brings together scientists, business executives, investors, entrepreneurs, and activists from the U.S., Europe, and Asia to discuss the many facets and complexities of climate investing.”
QCo collaborates with the Rocky Mountain Institute on a case study to demonstrate the use of building thermal mass to achieve 30% peak demand reduction, while also reducing energy use, energy expense, and carbon.
QCo collaborates with the Environmental Entrepreneurs on proposal to the State of New York that improved carbon metrics is key to GHG reduction. Environmental Entrepreneurs is a national community of business leaders who promote sound environmental policy that builds economic prosperity.
QCo is a member of the New York Building Congress, its Energy Committee, and the subcommittee focused on “One City: Built to Last, Transforming New York City’s Buildings for a Low Carbon Future.”
Forty Solar Panels Garner EPA and Archdiocese Attention
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy and Archbishop Blasé Cupich picked Old St. Mary’s School as venue to announce sustainability initiative by the Archdiocese of Chicago.  McCarthy declared it is “answering the Pope’s call”.

QCo co-founders donated the forty solar panels.  At right, the Administrator and the Archbishop hear an explanation of the screen in the school lobby that continuously displays solar panel performance.

(Karen Calloway/Catholic New Word)