Our Technology

QCo is the first and only smart grid engine that integrates HVAC operations in both individual buildings and portfolios of buildings.

QCo’s software as a service (SaaS) platform features an automated, scalable, energy-optimization system that exploits the thermal mass of commercial office buildings to make buildings more energy efficient. QCo essentially turns buildings into batteries capable of energy storage on a multi-MW scale.

QCo proprietary modeling utilizes both building structure and infrastructure data and building operations information to provide site-specific performance predictions. QCo proprietary software then applies optimization techniques to the model to help determine the most economical operation for each day, as a function of hourly local weather, carbon emissions at the source, fan and chiller efficiencies and real-time electric market prices.

QCo’s proprietary modeling captures the performance and electric demand of building HVAC systems, and then evaluates temperature-setting strategies that shift HVAC electric consumption to take advantage of lower night-time/early morning temperatures and electric prices. By eliminating the need for buildings to purchase energy during daytime peak hours at higher peak-rate prices, QCo’s proprietary HVAC optimization software on average achieves 10% energy savings, 20% energy expense savings and up to 30% peak demand reduction.

QCo’s SaaS operates via a Niagara interface and communicates with the wide range of proprietary building automation systems found in such buildings. QCo technology can be applied to any existing building regardless of age, and requires minimal capital investment and no space requirement. Installation is simple and can be accomplished in less than two weeks.