Our Solutions

QCo harnesses a building's inherent thermal mass to drive 15-30% electricity savings and deliver significant MW storage capacity to grid operators all without any capital expense or sacrifice to tenant comfort.


By integrating building operations with energy markets, QCo’s proprietary software leverages a building’s thermal mass, environmental data, carbon emissions and electric market prices to:

• Reduce HVAC energy use and expense up to 30 percent;
• Improve electric generation efficiency and environmental performance; and
• Introduce demand elasticity into grid markets.

For building owners and managers – QCo executes a strategy designed to maximize efficiency and tenant comfort while also reducing costs, extending equipment life, and supporting corporate sustainability goals.

For utilities and grid operators – QCo converts commercial buildings into large-scale thermal energy storage for the urban smart grid. QCo technology creates, aggregates, and manages distributed sources of load, generation, and storage in real-time, optimally balancing supply and demand while improving grid reliability and utilizing renewable energy resources such as wind power, which is generated in greater amounts at night.